REACH / Responsible Care

REACH is now fully implemented in the EU now. That means all materials imported or manufactured in the EU in quantities of more than 1 t/year have to be registered with ECHA before import. Klaus F. Meyer has registered together with his partners about 45 products and is still working on the registrations of new substances.

All materials we import are labelled properly according to CLP: We instruct our non-EU manufacturers how to do and send the appropriate labels before shipping. MSDS are prepared from a specialized safety and health bureau. For the special requirements of dangerous goods we have an own employee trained as Hazardous Goods Advisor in our head office.

High priority is given in quality assurance which is proved by our recurring certification in ISO 9001:2015. By voluntarily participating in the “Responsible Care” program, KFM has committed to act  responsibly in the chemicals trade. The according certificates are available via download from our website: http//

For questions regarding REACH / CLP or dangerous goods please contact Dr. Holger Franke, Head of technical department;
(E-Mail:; +49 – (0) 62 37 – 20 23).

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